czwartek, 16 lutego 2023

Alchemy Luxury Day Spa Warsaw

 Alchemy Luxury Day Spa is the oldest salon, with an urban boutique spa, distinguishes us is that we're working on a 100% natural cosmetics Alqvimia luxusowej brand and our goal is: regeneration, anti-stress, relaxation, well-being in health. 

In Alchemy we all specialized traditional treatments for face and body, but our specialty is working with the body, soul and emotions, our flagship treatments are treatments for two in one room, we have extensive rooms where people visit us feel super comfortable, the decor of our living room it is also unusual maintained in a pre-war warsaw makes crossing the threshold of our stores are moving in the magical world of relaxation. Our experience is a guarantee of a perfect being, since 1988 continually create an atmosphere of happiness, relaxation and beauty of perfection for both women and men. We alchemy we are on the verge of creating magic.



Tel: +48502178075

od 1999 r.

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